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Events June 1 2020

Are you ready to join the PointNorth Academy membership?

The idea of a membership site came from one of my big frustration has been not to be able to help more people in getting them to the right job or right professional life. There is so many hours in a day and so far I haven’t found the magic formula to get more hours than 24 in a day (I have tried believe me… but without success!)

The deep satisfaction I experience when I get to help you is my big reward. To bring you to the right professional destination and seeing you tuned up again, confident, and valued. Or to see you land in the ideal job or start a new entrepreneurial venture. This is achievable at all ages, even when things don’t seem obvious at the start.

Why this might be what you need

The idea of giving yourself the opportunity to switch to a new and brighter future has been on your mind for a while.

Give yourself a chance and make everything you can to reach that destination now and:

  • Live fully. Not some day, now.
  • Contribute and make a bigger impact
  • Find the right environment and role where your experience, your skills, your personality will be valued
  • Do you really want to wait and see your life go by?
  • Are you ready to progressively lose confidence in your value?
  • Is this OK for you to think that somewhere, somehow, there is a brighter professional future waiting for you, and do nothing about it?

Can you really afford to simply wait to grow old and miss your true life mission?

These are the typical questions we talk about when I first meet my clients. And very soon this will be available to you so that you can start now the journey towards the first day of a new professional life.

The PointNorth membership gives you a chance to do just this. Start now!

The idea to create an online membership site fully dedicated to career reinvention has been on my mind for a while. I was missing the essentials to make it happen: the right membership expert and team.

I have all this now! It is hard to describe how excited and fueled that makes me. I am now 100% focused and working hard so that it will be available to you soon.

This is what members will get from the academy:

  1. MODULES for you to get you started now, learn at your own pace, and guide you step by step through all the important techniques, ingredients, and actions you need to take to create your ideal professional life.
  2. GROUP COACHING CALLS – weekly LIVE group coaching calls that will support and guide you so that you make decisions. And take actions to move towards your goal.
  3. CARING SUPPORT – we will be there by your side so that you keep momentum, to encourage you and hold you accountable to create the professional life you love.
  4. COMMITMENT – We believe in helping our clients reaching their destination and not getting stuck half way. The platform will not be any different. It will be made for people who are not just interested but not fully committed!
  5. PRIVATE ACCESS TO ME personally at exceptional rates for the moments you will need private and dedicated expertise from me.

Do you want to book your seat as a member already now? Are you eager to find out whether this is for you?

Contact us and book a membership enquiry call here