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Accolades October 29 2020

Avoid Letting Fear Beat You

If you’re not actively pursuing your dreams, fear is likely to blame. Fear can stop you from taking the actions necessary to achieve success.  
You’d be shocked by how much your life would change if you could just increase your courage by 10%! That’s all it takes. 
Courage creates action, which boosts your courage even higher. Here are few strategies you can use:  

  • Imagine your child is watching you – Remind yourself that fear is not always helpful. Now, imagine that your child is watching you. Who wants to be afraid in front of their own kid? No one! Tell yourself that you’re going to set a good example. Behave the way you’d want your child to behave. 

  • Focus on the regret you’ll feel if you fail to act – Expand your comfort zone gradually. Instead of thinking about failure, think about the consequences of never trying. Regret is a painful pill to swallow. Give yourself the chance to be successful. The last thing anyone wants is to spend the latter part of life wondering “what if?” 

  • Change your physiology – Remember to Breath. 
    Breathe deeply. Stand up straight. Look straight ahead. Imagine yourself as the most successful and powerful person in history. How would you stand, breathe, and think? Do that. 
  • Visualize success- Take a step back and get objective It’s important to make the visualization as real as possible. Use all of your senses to create a realistic scene. Imagine how you’ll feel when you’re successful. 

  • Ask yourself what a brave person would do – Think of how you’d you view a friend in the same situation. Think of someone you know that’s brave and contemplate how they would handle the situation you’re in. If you know someone who is courageous, ask them what they would do if they were you. 

Is fear limiting your choices in life? What would you do if you were free of fear? 

Fortunately, you don’t have to eliminate your fear by 100% to see a drastic change in your life. It just takes a small boost in courage to get the ball rolling. 

At Point North, we work with different techniques to face fear, take action, and learn a new way of approaching the world!