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Workshops 10 November 2019

Wake up, Shake up, Thrive! Employees 50+ Empowering Awareness Workshops

Our EMPLOYEES 50+ EMPOWERING AWARENESS WORKSHOPS help participants discover the 5 dimensions of Integrated Well-Being essential to life transitions age […]

Workshops 10 November 2019

Wake Up, Shake Up, Thrive! Decision Makers Awareness Session

Our Decision Makers Awareness Session is geared towards organisations’ decision makers. Those who are interested in supporting and preparing mid-life […]

Events , Workshops 31 August 2019

Wake Up! Shake Up! Thrive

Workshops and Coaching Click on the image below to watch our latest video! Your solution for planning life after 50… […]

Workshops 11 May 2019

“Wake Up, Shake Up, Thrive!” Strategies to prepare for the shift toward an older workforce!

“Wake up, Shake up and Thrive!” Workshops and Coaching are aimed at supporting organizations in accompanying their 50+ employees through […]