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Accolades , Events May 4 2020

“Confinement is soon over… now what?”

We slowly move into the “re-opening phase” of the COVID19 era and we know we will not go back where we were before.

Which are then the challenges and opportunities for organizations? What have we learned and discovered that we want to integrate into the future “new normal”?

This was the theme of the two round tables my colleague Nathalie Baron and I had the pleasure to organize and invite great and generous speakers from Belgium, France and Switzerland.

We explored the human and cultural angle of this upcoming phase and how a different leadership will be required. Anne Hays, Anne Rigoulot, Peter Buhler, Cyrille Monnin, Jean Van Wetter, Monica Marinucci and Florence Dufour shared their experience in their respective organisations. Super inspiring!

Click here to listen to the recording of the English session

Click here to listen to the recording of the French session