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Before engaging with Dominique, I went through a substantial transition in my life and career. I had to leave the company where I worked for 12 years to join another organization in the German speaking part of Switzerland. This represented several challenges including culture shock and the need to commute between Zurich and Geneva which kept me away from my family. I felt that this was a road to nowhere. I was doing this for about 2 years before I started working with Dominique.

The process really helped me to understand what is important to me, and we put a roadmap together on where I want to go and how [to get there]. The results were significant: It made it clear for me what I really value and believe in (my life’s vision). I expanded my network outside of work, making sure I connected with the right people. I found another job in the Geneva area and my family was very happy I came back.

Overall, this was probably one of the most important decisions I have taken in my professional life, and it also impacted my personal life in a positive way. Dominique helped me a lot – I really like her style of asking the right questions and making good and valuable comments.

Geneva, Switzerland

I had worked with Dominique already in the past and we kept a warm and personal relationship.

In the summer of 2017, the question of a career change was raised for me, and she was available to help me. I was coming out of a very busy 11 years working for the same employer and did not really have bearings for my next step.

With Dominique, I was able to consider many different options without censoring myself. It helped me reformulate my professional life in terms of opportunities – not constraints – and to consider what I deeply wanted to do. I finally decided to start my own business. I was at first surprised, I thought it was still too early, but no. Her faithful support in the start-up period has been invaluable to me.

Making the decision to undertake [the new business] was an important turning point in my professional life, and the accompaniment of Dominique allowed me to make this decision very calmly.


The advantage is that the program does not stop after a number of sessions but after finding a position that corresponds to who I am. To be aware that Dominique is not far away and easily reachable in case of big difficulties is a big advantage. I gradually climbed back up the slope!

I met Dominique at a time when I was at the worst in my professional life, my burn-out had just been diagnosed, my new management was giving me a hard time and I was completely lost. Compassion is a major asset of Dominique – because in a period of burn-out I felt very fragile. With Dominique’s style and professionalism, I was sure that there would be no judgments in our exchanges and this was the most important. The work [we are doing together] was based on my strengths, my qualities, and me – and not what society expects of me. It has already allowed me to regain some confidence in myself.

paris, france

When I started working with Dominique I was in a situation where I was uncertain about finding another suitable job. I felt I needed to get trip on my situation.

Besides the professional advice in different areas, Dominique gave me the tools and coached me in a way that I got my strength back – to realize what my qualities are and what a good balance between work and life is really about.


Before calling Dominique, I was in a period of doubt about my future professional. I did not really have any benchmarks for my abilities because I spent most of my career in one company. Dominique helped me reassure myself about my professional abilities and my ability to qualify for positions that I may not have thought of.

Through our collaboration, I’ve noted a significant improvement in self-confidence in my professional life (even if there are still efforts to be made).

KAMPALA, uganda

Alira Health chose Point North because of the breadth of services offered, the custom approach to every HR need, and most importantly, our shared values regarding the importance of providing a work environment that works well for our people. From recruitment and retention to performance management and professional development, Alira Health relies on Dominique Ben Dhaou and PointNorth for wise counsel and actionable plans.

M.K.C. – Alira Health

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