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Insight May 4 2020

Looking at opportunities

The Covid-19 sudden burst and confinement across the world has come up as a catalyst for a change that was probably due in many instances…

Across the globe people had to adjust quickly to new ways of working, living, shopping, learning and much more. What has this period of confinement taught us? Are you looking forward to going back to where you were before, or are you considering making some changes in your life to create a new reality?

Certainly the Covid-19 crisis has served as a catalyst to changes we were expecting but didn’t happen as it was not that necessary. Or so we thought… such as the way we travel, or the way we need to find alternatives to the way we work, or educate our children and play with them too.

We had to find ways to keep a social link with our colleagues, our families, our friends. And for many it has also meant getting to know their neighbours with a new angle, from our balcony or our garden. We already had experienced virtual meetings, but were not familiar with virtual parties, virtual birthdays, virtual coffee breaks. Now we are.

For some, those who could not work from home, and could not go to work, it was an opportunity to clean, sort, renovate, write, imagine, learn, read again.

Going out of confinement will take time… much more maybe than we think. And we will have to get back to a reality we had forgotten. A change that we need to be conscious of as it might not be as easy as we think. We have changed, the world has changed.