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Insight December 20 2020

Make a list!

Yes, you did great in 2020

Who would have said that 2020 would mean so many changes for all of us? So many things that we didn’t even imagine are now part of our life. Look at what you have done differently this year…

Unconsciously you have expanded your possibilities, explored other ways to work, commute, communicate, love, express, learn, exercise, train, sell, grow, LIVE.

Instill positive vibrations into your brain and reward yourself. Make a list of everything you managed, learned, improved, achieved, changed in 2020:

  • Installed a new office at home
  • Invented new games for our kids during confinement
  • Manage to keep my remote team engaged
  • Started to meditate regularly
  • Enjoyed walking around in my neighborhood
  • Discovered new walking tracks
  • Organized virtual dancing parties
  • Built stronger links with my colleagues
  • Exercised every morning
  • Managed to keep my company’s results afloat
  • Reinvented new services to offer my clients
  • Changed the way I sell my products to my clients
  • Took the time to play with my kids
  • Learnt what my partner is actually doing at work
  • Saved money on unnecessary stuff
  • Saved money on flight tickets
  • Avoided wasting time in traffic
  • Renovated my house
  • Repaired broken items
  • Sorted and cleaned the things I don’t need anymore
  • Took the time to prepare lunch and dinner at home
  • Attended my first virtual concert and loved it
  • Learned how to organize effective virtual meetings on Teams and Zoom
  • Improved my resilience potential to move forward
  • Provided support to my elderly neighbors
  • Got to know my neighbors better
  • Paid more attention to hygiene habits
  • Managed to work much more and survived
  • ….
  • Your turn now… Add as many as you can!