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Events May 4 2020

Pause Energize Move on P.E.M

Point North in partnership with Audrey DELBARRE has set up a free webinar session to address the essential issue of resilience and further explain their program “Pause, Energize, Move On”. The purpose of their program is to help us all in developing the ability to face life challenges and bounce back to thrive again.

The first webinar of this session took place on April 9 in French, and another session in English on April 14, with a theme that goes perfectly with the delicate global situation facing the Covid crisis -19: “How to navigate with confidence in the mists of uncertainty and do not get lost? “

These last weeks have been for many of us a constant effort of adaptation …

  • to a new way of working
  • to a new way of life
  • a completely disrupted timetable

A difficult period, full of uncertainties but also rich in opportunities to discover ourselves, to discover forces of which we were not aware!

Participants in this free webinar were able to discover what tools and a clear plan can bring to bounce back and give them a new purpose, a real one !