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Events June 1 2020

Pivot your leadership in 2020

Surfing on the wave of change

2020 will offer many ups and downs after deconfinement. It will require leadership, resilience, persistence, and an open mind to remain competitive. Different approaches will be expected to have a successful business.

“The ability to navigate through paradoxes is the next wave in the evolution of managerial efficiency”. David Ulrich

It also opens up possibilities to rethink the way we think, we work, we communicate, we collaborate and we serve our clients. Also, the coming months will also be critical. First to ensure we use the past quarter as a learning period and capitalize on the lessons learned. Second to ensure we remain in business.

Starting from the end of June you will have access to an exclusive, virtual, peer minded Mastermind series of seven sessions. Seven sessions from June to December 2020 to help you lead your organization, your team, and yourself throughout the disruptive times.

What we will cover

“To survive in the 21st century, we’re going to need a new generation of leaders.” Warren Bennis

The mastermind will be here to help you pivot your leadership around seven key areas:

  • your time and energy
  • your mindset
  • your leadership to navigate through paradox
  • your team
  • your internal communication
  • your personal brand
  • your network

What you will get from it

Because our experience shows that results and evolution comes from tangible actions we have built our mastermind in a way that it focuses on the following:

  • Acceleration of your agility to face the coming disruptions
  • Inspiration and best practices transfer from experts
  • Access to pragmatic tools, resources and tips
  • Solutions from other thought leaders to solve your own
  • Leveraging on collective intelligence
  • Access to executives from various industries worldwide
  • An opportunity to grow as a leader and enhance the development of your people

Why we feel strongly about it

These last two months have provided teams and managers a fresh view at new opportunities. Now is the time to leverage on this and create the new companies of tomorrow.

Organizations are evolving fast and leaders have to reinvent themselves in order to become transformational agents and enablers of collective intelligence.

Our mastermind focuses on the human side of the business, the key asset of any organization that thrive.

Registrations start in the coming days!

Because we feel strongly about offering you exclusive, caring and quality output, we will restrict our mastermind groups to a small number of participants in each group.

Do you want to ensure a seat is reserved for you? Don’t wait too long and visit our registration page here.