Solutions beyond HR

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Strategic Advice

Whether you’re a CEO, COO, MD or business leader, our pragmatic approach will help you to align your people strategy with your business goals, increase your top and bottom line, and expand your presence in a sustainable way.

Being at the top of an organization can be tough, especially when the business is ramping up and needs to optimize its peoples’ talents and capabilities to meet the fast-changing expectations of clients.

We help business leaders double or triple their organization’s revenue by:

  • managing their priorities and time
  • ensuring their reputation is top notch
  • building and managing the team needed to grow the business
  • helping multi-generational and multi-site teams collaborate efficiently
  • reducing the time spent on recruitment efforts
  • setting up a solid communication strategy to engage their teams and their customers

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Career Re-invention

You have extensive experience but the current context of your professional life isn’t meeting your expectations. We can guide you through a proven process to a new role and a more fulfilling work life.

We use a proven methodology that helps professionals regain confidence in their experience and skills, and enables them to have meaningful impact. We help them discover what kind of workplace environments are appropriate for them, what roles suit them best and how to develop their personal brand and unique value.

Our programs combine techniques, certified tools and exercises that help them explore possibilities that exist but are not yet on their mental radar.

This builds self-esteem and a sense of clarity and purpose, leading to a plan and appropriate actions to identify and achieve a career that brings fulfillment and recognition.

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Talent Experience Solutions

Yours is a small to medium size company. You want to create an environment and culture that attracts the right talent. You also want an effective approach to people management – including multi-generational, multi-cultural teams. We can help!

For small and medium size companies that don’t have the resources, time or experience to deal with people issues, we offer our expertise and know-how. Motivation and engagement of people are critical factors in business success and in ensuring clients’ expectations are met. We are here to help in important areas such as:

  • your employer ‘brand’ – helping ensure that you attract the talent you need
  • a simple, pragmatic and efficient on-boarding program to make newcomers welcome and operational quickly, encouraging their commitment to your organisation.
  • a clear competency map for your company, defining the scope and capabilities needed for each role.