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Events , Workshops August 31 2019

Wake Up! Shake Up! Thrive

Workshops and Coaching

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Ellen Kocher & Dominique Ben Dhaou

Your solution for planning life after 50…

Studies show that those who plan this phase of life tend to look forward to it. Those who don’t often fear, waste or defer it.

Wake Up! Why we cannot afford NOT to take demographics seriously

Shake Up! Turning disruptive demographics into productive possibilities for both employers and employees!

Thrive! Exploration of the 5 dimensions of integrated well-being: Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Physical, Financial

Options: 2-Hour Awareness Sessions, 2-Day Workshops, Individual Coaching, Customized

Wake-Up, Shake-Up. Thrive Workshops and Coaching are pragmatic and participative. It provides empowering objectives and relevant tips to help professionals transition toward a thriving life beyond 50! Our work is designed to support either organizations or individuals.