Here is our story

Our goal is to bring more fulfillment and meaning to the world of work.

Let’s see how we can help you achieve success for you, your business, your business, and your customers.


My convictions

Over the course of my professional experience, I have too often seen how accomplishment, meaning and collaboration were not seen as so critical and important in the workplace. I was also shocked at how often the value of employees is overlooked. I hate to see such a waste – whether it is time, skills or money. I am convinced that valuing the experience, talent, passion and potential of each person is the key to lasting success. That’s why I founded PointNorth International.

Our approach

I put at your service my international experience of more than 30 years. I work with a small team and in an ecosystem of excellent partners who share my vision, my passion, my vocation and my expertise. Together we provide you with the methodology, support and tools you need:

  • to design a career that matches your values ​​and experience
  • to help you grow your business
  • to help you ensure your employees are fully engaged and fulfilling their potential

Thanks to our contribution, we have clients in ten countries spread over three continents. They are all flourishing in their careers and help nourish their organization.

Our mission

Our mission is twofold: to support individuals in their professional development and to help organizations manage the human factors of their teams or the company as a whole. We use our experience, skills and passion to help you maximize your talents and potential and achieve real return on investment.

Diplomas and awards

  • Award of Excellence International Association of Top Professionals
  • United States Top Professional in Human Resources 2016 – 2017 International Association of Top Professionals
  • United States Black Belt certificate in CEB internal communication
  • 2016 Fundamentals of the board of directors ACAD
  • Switzerland, 2016 Diploma in Hotel and Hospital Management Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland

Dominique ben dhaou

Founder and Director of PointNorth International

Why work with us?

Strategic and visionary

My vision and strategic experience helps you explore your current situation and define tangible axes to shape your future, career or business.


You get the perspective needed to identify and articulate your long-term goals and develop a faster, more focused line of success through a series of measurable milestones.

Experience in all sectors

My varied experience spans many industries including hospitality, pharma, mining, petroleum, automotive, consumer goods, and many more.


Whether you want to stay in your current role or change it, I will help you identify opportunities and challenges and adapt your actions to your goals.

Strong network

I have established strong partnerships and collaborations over the past 30 years. I am committed to creating authentic connections.


Leveraging my large and diverse network will open doors for you and help you build a fulfilling professional network faster.

A true international professional

Having worked in the field in North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia, I understand the reality of what it means to live and work in these regions.

Strategic and visionary

This knowledge will help you embrace the culture while avoiding costly assumptions and frustrations. My extensive and diverse network will bond and open doors for you.

Humanity, authenticity and discretion

It can be difficult for your friends, family, or team to give you objective feedback. My clients can count on me to listen and understand, and to give sincere and constructive advice.


I am here to support you when you have doubts, fears and questions. It is close to my heart. My approach is sincere and confidential – whatever you share with me stays with me.

Remote team management experience

I have managed teams spread all over the world, from Chile to Japan, and I know how complex it can be to work with remote teams.


I pass on my experience to you so that you can get the most out of your teams, accelerate the implementation of your projects and succeed in a global environment.

Business acumen

Over the past 30 years, I have been involved in many investment and financing decisions. With professional conscience.


My experience will help ensure that you have the skills to influence and operate and make the right decisions in ever-changing businesses.

Experience in complex business acquisitions

During my career, I have directly managed or supervised over 50 acquisitions and integrations of companies.


Integrating a new team or a new company can be difficult and expensive. My experience in integrating across different industries and regions will save you unnecessary costs and risks.

28/5000 Leadership experience at C level

With my partners, we benefit from decades of experience in complex roles, of high responsibility, in multiple environments.


If you are new to a position of high responsibility or if you are planning to take on a future leadership role, I can help you demonstrate the impact, influence, confidence and ease required.

Exposure to challenges and decisions at the board level

I have expertise in corporate governance and compensation for leaders. I also led working sessions with boards of directors on human capital strategy.


By sharing my own experience, I will help you be sure of how you make the necessary connections with board members, earn their trust, and act with credibility and confidence.

Resilient, pragmatic and a calming presence

Calm by nature, I am determined and persistent. I am also pragmatic. This will be useful for you to define your vision, adapted to your context, your reality and your resources.


I am here to help you progress with confidence and determination, to keep your motivation over time, your enthusiasm and your passion, and to navigate stressful or difficult situations.

Adaptable to your schedules and working hours

I take into account that your constraints do not allow you to work on your project during standard hours. I adapt as best as possible to different time zones.


I make myself available outside of normal working hours so that you can contact me at any time.

Our 6-step process

Opportunity and risk assessment

Clearly identify your situation, assess opportunities and risks to ensure ultimate success.

Definition of needs

Define what your real needs are. Those which are explicit but also those which are not always expressed but will make a difference in the result.


Suggest specific solutions and improvements to be implemented.


Create an inventory of actions to be taken, identification of clear milestones as well as roles and responsibilities in implementation.

Knowledge transfer

Transfer the skills and tools you will need to ensure the lasting success of the actions implemented.

A solid follow-up

Support you throughout the trip so that the positive impact of our intervention is sustainable.

Think like

I firmly believe in the power of collaboration! The combination of skills and experiences of my ecosystem of partners allows us to offer you an integrated and holistic solution, as well as to deploy complete solutions. I work with specific professional partners who share the same vision and the same values. Together, we help you overcome your challenges with tools and techniques that complement each other to provide an even better solution.

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