Not Just Another Speech

Interventions that build relationships, inspire change and drive results.
Dominique’s energy, enthusiasm and passions, along with her experience and wisdom, provide your audience with a truly inspired – and interactive – experience. Whether in English or in French, her innate ability to connect with – and relate to – crowds makes her one of the most diverse and sought-after speakers in the market today.

Signature Keynotes and Workshops

*These topics can be customized and personalized for keynote speeches, workshops, interviews and podcasts. 

Finding a Job after 50- Even during Covid times

Intended for: Professionals and Executives of 50+ years old, or approaching their 50th birthday, and are thinking of a career change

Creating an Employee Experience to Positively Impact your Customer Experience

Intended for: Human Resources Professionals, CEOs, Head of Employee Engagement

Boosting your Personal Resilience, Sustainably

Intended for: Professionals and executives who wants to develop a greater resistance to stress, have a more positive orientation, and make a sustainable impact in their life

The Human Factor, A competitive edge in a fast-paced digital environment

Intended for: Business decision makers, CEOs, Human Resources Professionals, CIOs, CFOs

Managing Remote and Multi-Cultural Teams Effectively

Intended for: International team leaders, recently promoted managers, human resources professionals

Why a Company Culture can make or break your business

Intended for: Decision makers: CEOs, Human Resources Professionals, Business leaders

Turning Doubts into Strengths to Land the Job you Want

Intended for: Professionals and Executives who want to land the job they want more easily

Building a successful international career as a leader

Intended for: recently promoted leaders, seasoned leaders who wish to get bigger international responsibilities

Finding Professional Balance at 45 and beyond

Intended for: professionals and executives of 45+ years who wish to gain balance in their life, at work and at home