Embracing the Power of Now: Living in the Present

Do you find yourself caught in a race for survival? A cutthroat struggle for success? Or an endless chase for revenue?

You’re not alone.

Summer may not be all sunshine and rest for entrepreneurs and corporate leaders; this is the moment when mental, physical, and spiritual fatigue might begin to take its toll. Focusing on duties, action steps, and to-do lists day in and day out catches many leaders in a perpetual cycle of chasing results.

The reason might be a commitment to living for the future. If you find yourself constantly driven by the next target, goal, or vision, you might forget that to get there, you need to focus on the NOW.

Living in the moment, fully and completely, allows you to access enjoyment. Bliss. Peace. As you live into your vision for the future through present moments, you access the transformative power of NOW.

Long-term change is born through mindful presence–consistently exercising healthy habits today. It’s today’s actions and commitments that will influence the future, not the other way around.

Read on for a series of pragmatic tips on empowering yourself to experience your life rather than letting life happen to you.

Living the Present Moment When Working

Take time to reflect, let ideas flow on their own schedule, and let yourself have numerous bad ideas to inspire the good ones.”

Joanie Connell

In a work-centric culture like those that exist in most of the world, the relentless pursuit of productivity and success often replaces methodical and mindful presence in the professional realm.

However, by immersing ourselves in the present moment, even – and especially – at work, we elevate our work experiences. We connect with other human beings. We work faster, we become more productive, and we produce better quality outcomes. In short, we release our full potential.

Four Tips for Living in the Present at Work:

#1: Complete one task at a time.

Embrace the elegance of allowing your mind to fully engage in a task without distractions or disruptions.

#2: Practice short and focused moments of mindfulness at work.

Observe your thoughts and emotions without judgment, cultivating your self-awareness as you navigate your work with clarity and learn to respond, rather than react, to challenging situations.

#3: Schedule your work based on flow, not deadlines.

Separating your tasks into light, or shallow, and deep work allows you to cultivate a sense of flow where you can access a profound sense of fulfillment, satisfaction, and joy. Don’t forget about self gratitude.

Consider using your internal voice as a supportive one, not the « I could have, should have » talk we often go into.

#4: Practice gratitude.

Celebrate your achievements and the quality of your work, and express gratitude through a journal or conversation.

Living in the Present Moment in Relationships

How often do you prioritize task competition over relationships in your professional and personal life? How often does that practice leave you feeling…unfulfilled? Even lonely?

Making and nurturing authentic connections helps us to immerse ourselves in what matters most. When adopting mindful presence while we interact with others, we can foster deeper connections and create a positive ripple effect.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 

– Maya Angelou

Four Tips for Living in the Present in Relationships:

#1: Put away your devices and give your undivided attention to those around you.

By being fully present in conversations, you demonstrate respect and genuine interest, fostering deeper connections and understanding.

#2: Practice active listening.

Instead of waiting for your turn to speak, listen with the intent to understand; make the conversation about the other person feeling heard with empathy and compassion, relying on support and kindness to foster a sense of belonging.

#3: Intentionally create meaningful moments.

Plan intentional activities with the people in your life to share new experiences, explore, and adventure, and you’ll create lasting memories that deepen your bonds and bring each of you joy.

#4: Acknowledge and Encourage.

Recognize the people in your life and their contributions to the world; celebrate their successes; encourage them during challenging times.

Living in the Present Moment: Being with Yourself

It’s too easy to reach the end of the day after prioritizing everything and everyone but yourself and your own well-being. 

By cultivating a deep connection with yourself and allowing yourself the permission to be fully present with your thoughts, emotions, and needs, you foster self-awareness and inner peace.

Four Tips for Living in the Present With Yourself:

#1: Practice mindful awareness.

Tuning into your mind, body, and spirit, you free your intuition to tell you what your deep, wise mind already knows. With this knowledge, you can make choices that are in alignment with your vision and values, not the expectations of others.

#2: Schedule your self-care and well-being.

For some, that may mean carving time in your schedule for exercise or hobbies; for others, it may be a simple morning routine or even mindful mealtimes. Find and prioritize what works to help you recharge and nourish your being.

#3: Embrace self-reflection and self-awareness.

By acknowledging and accepting your thoughts, feelings, and even your limiting beliefs without judgment, you foster your own mental fitness and personal growth.

#4: Embrace- and Celebrate- your true self.

Embrace your strengths and accept your areas for growth, recognizing that you are on a lifelong journey that occurs in each and every moment. By celebrating what makes you who you are, you’re allowing yourself to cultivate self-compassion and a positive self-image.

To Be or To Become?

Be or become

In a fast-paced world in which leaders and entrepreneurs are judged on their progress toward external success, it’s crucial to shift our focus from constantly striving – which leads to burnout – to embracing all the failures, challenges, and triumphs of the present moment.

Finding contentment in who we are, what we have, and who we have already become will move mountains toward creating the life we desire; we’ll believe we have everything we need.

Four tips for being in a state of presence:

#1: Recognize the force is within you.

You become free by not relying on others to get recognition or validation. 

#2: Embrace NOW, letting go of worries around future outcomes.

#3: You are worth a TON!

Radical acceptance is about accepting life on life’s terms and not resisting what one cannot or chooses not to change. Accepting doesn’t mean agreeing. It’s simply exhausting to fight reality, and it doesn’t work.

#4: Remind yourself. Use alerts on your phone, post its notes on the fridge, messages with the word « NOW ». Anything to help establish this new habit!

By embracing the power of now, you unlock the potential for a more meaningful and fulfilling life. 

Personal connections and a sense of belonging are key components to a happy life. Ultimately, your life isn’t measured by the results you achieved; it’s about how well you lived fully and experienced the richness of each moment.

So, take a deep breath, ground yourself in the present, and share your gratitude with those around you. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey of mindful living. The power to live fully is within you— and it’s time to seize it!

At PointNorth International, we help leaders, entrepreneurs, and career transitioners build a personal and professional life that authentically aligns with their dreams and values. If you are in the middle of a career shift, reach out to schedule a discovery call with renowned executive coach Dominique Ben Dhaou today.

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