Boost your mood and turn your days into bright ones

We love days when everything is easy, smooth, energizing, and promising. But the truth is, some days are tougher than others. It happens to everyone, nothing wrong with that, and yet no reason to stay in that mood for long, right? You can actually give your mood a boost by consistently applying simple tips and turn your days into great ones.

Sure, what happens around you influences how you may feel. However, your mood is also a reflection of what is going on inside your brain. When your little voice becomes louder and your emotions take over, it’s time for you to take charge again. If you’re feeling stuck in a mental rut, climbing your way out and navigating in an uncertain situation can sometimes seem impossible. You can actually enhance your physical, emotional, or intellectual resilience.

Here are a few baby steps you can take when you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or down:
  • Music soothes the mind. A happy, energizing song or music causes your brain to produce dopamine and serotonin, great chemicals to raise your emotion of joy and happiness. And at times, what you need is a soothing atmosphere, so calming music you fancy will relax your mind and body. Put on your favorite song, or music, and let your brain enjoy or wander…
  • Be mindful and relax tensions in your body. Sitting down for a long period, or being stuck in a traffic jam, or getting caught in a tough conversation create physical tensions we are not always aware of until they really hurt. Apply the simple routine to take three deep breaths several times during the day, lower your shoulders and release your jaw. We tend to hold tension in these places, so bring awareness to them when you’re feeling stressed out.
  • Talk to a stranger. We’re social beings, so talking to a stranger can give you a small boost of endorphins that boost your mood. Why not share a word, a smile, an observation with somebody when walking your dog, having a walk in the park, or even when waiting for your bus. You might be surprised by how simple yet rewarding this is.
  • Change your scenery. If you stay in the same room all day, just moving to another part of your apartment or house can make a world of difference. Better yet, if you’re able to, take a walk outside and get some fresh air. Step out on your balcony, terrace, or around the block, open your eyes and listen carefully. There is actually a world out there.
  • Act out some happy movements. Even if you’re not feeling ecstatic, things like skipping, jumping, dancing, or even just throwing your hands in the air, can make you feel happier. It will activate your blood circulation and feed your brain with the essentials to function better.
  • Watch a funny video or mood-lifting movie. That will trigger a smile on your face or a good laugh which you deserve to brighten your day. You can do this alone and if you have your family, friends, or colleagues around, this is even better. Laughing together is a double dose of happiness hormones. Take a good shot of

Ready to start? Step back, relax and enjoy! Life is too short not to make the day a great one.

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