Embracing Discomfort

With all that is going on in the world, we might have lost that sense of certainty, that sense of safety, and even that sense of predictability that we always seemed to have. All of that leaves us feeling uncomfortable, dislocated and unsure about what’s going to happen in the future. But here is the truth about discomfort:  
Every time you are uncomfortable, it is because your life is demanding a new version of you. 
We often think that discomfort is our enemy when, in fact, it is our greatest ally. Discomfort means that something deep within us is telling us that we are meant for more, deserving of more, and capable of more. This process is called positive disintegration and it’s the reason why we sometimes have to go through a life-altering crisis only to come out stronger and more at peace with life than ever before.   

What happens in positive disintegration is that we are essentially forced to release and reform our self-concept. We are forced to recognize and then reconcile the parts of us that are underdeveloped, perhaps the very ones that had been holding us back all along. 

So, what if we use our current situation to change our attitude and embrace our discomfort? We might find out that it’s our biggest opportunity for growth. When we feel comfortable and safe, we can perform without growing. If we don’t push ourselves to the edge of our comfort zone, we won’t become who we need to be in the future. 

 At Point North, we help you recognize where this discomfort is coming from and particularly how to embrace it. You will become aware of where you need to adapt and change, how to develop a growth mindset, and see challenges as chances for growth. 

There is instinct deep within you telling you broader horizons are imminent if only you rise to meet them! 

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