How to manage your stress level in these challenging times

One problem that pretty much every human on earth is facing is knowing how to deal with stress and fear.

Things were already challenging but with the corona pandemic, the dynamics of the work environment have completely changed. On top of the increased work pressure and stress, the entire structure and system have changed too. Some people have to work from home for the first time in their life. Others have to observe extreme caution inside their offices. All this while there is a constant risk of health, too.

The panic of the unknown. Nobody knows what’s exactly going, how long it will go on, and what to expect. This alone is taking a toll on everyone’s mental health.

Although you’re not thinking about it, the stress is building up in the back of your mind. If not today, you’ll have to tackle all the work tomorrow. Work is piling up while focus and motivation are dropping low.

Everybody is a victim of this crisis. But is also everyone’s responsibility to learn how to deal with the uncertainty and lower our stress level.

All of this sounds scary and unmanageable. However, a few efforts in the right direction can fix your productivity, attention, and motivation. Once you tackle these factors, you can reduce stress and fear.


A well-organized to-do list should keep you on track. Use this list to pre-plan your day, week, and even month.

Challenge Yourself but Don’t Overdo It

Do not give up challenging or hard tasks just because you think you’ve got an excuse to let them go. Keep learning and growing in this time so that you come out of this pandemic more valuable and useful.

Balanced Nutrition and Sleep Cycle

Not only is sleep and nutrition needed for your mind to do well in your work tasks, but it also boosts your immune system.

Prioritize positive things over negative ones

Turn off the news for a while. Do not expose yourself to things that will make you feel sad or stressed.

At Point North, we help you manage your priorities and your time. We work with you on a plan to get into the workflow to encourage productivity and lower your stress level. You’ll start feeling at ease once your mind starts focusing on your mental and emotional health.

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