Permission to Play: Your Invitation to a Summer Well-Lived

Welcome to the Doubt-Free Zone!

welcome to doubt free zone

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time. – John Lubbock

Summer is calling you! It’s the perfect moment for rest, play, and as much laughter as you can fit into each day. This is the moment to declare an absolute 100% YES to experiences that bring you more joy. 

Our proposal: A summertime permission slip to give yourself free rein to show up exactly as you are, unapologetically doing what you feel is best for you in every moment.

With this type of radical self-care, your best self will be able to show up in your relationships, for your families, at your workplace, in your business and in your career. And in summer, this permission can lean into fun, rest, and a slower pace of life.

Research shows that when you have fun, hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins travel through your body and have a great impact on learning ability, memory, creativity, promoting trust, bonding in relationships, and stress relievers. So many reasons why having fun is actually a serious commitment!

When we work for our goals without an element of fun, we simply aren’t functioning at our highest potential. Our old friends: doubt, fear, and judgment find a way to creep back into our lives.

So what do you say to less work and more play?

Yes, please!

Without further ado: Your Summertime Permission Slip!

You have permission to play.

When we set our own rules and engage in imaginative play that feels distinctly different from our regular, everyday routine, we activate our brains in new and exciting ways. This season, call upon that childlike wonder within your soul to play for the pure joy of it.

You have permission to play

Have a dance party

Put on some tunes, feel the melody (don’t just hear it!), and dance in your garden or living room. When your body is free to move and be, your creativity is activated, and you make the rules for your moves.

Go out on a weeknight.

Why wait for Saturday? Routine is key to productivity, but it’s easy to become stagnant when our weeks look the same, month after month. 

Get all dressed up.

Have you seen a child immerse themselves in make-believe? Dressing up can shift our mindset and prepare us to have FUN! Why not dress in your favorite outfit to go out on the town (maybe even on a weeknight!) or even just to have a nice dinner at home! 

You have permission to go on adventures.

Especially after a long work season, bringing adventure into the mix can be the last thing on our minds. Why would I risk losing the momentum of the past few months, you might ask yourself? Because here’s the thing: Taking risks, trying new things, and loosening the hold you have on your patterns- and your schedule- is an investment of your time. The more fun you have, the more joy you bring into your personal and professional life, and the better you become at being who you are. So live it up! 

Permission for adventure

Get silly

Take advantage of your kids being home from school by goofing off, or explore the outdoors with a friend.

Do “the thing.”

You’ve been putting it off for ages, waiting for the right time. News flash: THIS is the right time. Right now. Today. How do we know? Because we’re giving you the permission slip!

Take the trip

Whether visiting the next town over or hopping on an international flight, travel will make a difference in your life!Regardless of how far you venture, getting out of your everyday environment has unmatched mental, physical, and emotional benefits

Take time off

Take a personal day even if you’re not sick (maybe to go to the amusement park with your kids, have a boat trip on a lake or to hit the beach with your partner!). No matter your schedule, you can always create a moment for respite, relaxation, or fun.

Don’t feel guilty

We aren’t put on this Earth to work, sleep, repeat. We’re here to LIVE. And that means playing, resting and enjoying. Our body NEEDS to rest and having a nap is a wise thing to do to be more efficient. Einstein, Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, Edison and many others knew that and practiced regularly! No strings- or apologies- attached. 

You have permission to get messy.

Messes can always be cleaned up. Deep self-care practices like allowing yourself to make mistakes will go a long way toward teaching your mind that a mess or mistake is not the end of the world. Many high-achieving people hold some fear of imperfection at the back of their minds in everything they do. Making messes is the perfect remedy!

You have the permission to get messy

Jump in rain puddles

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a climate with afternoon summer storms, there’s no better time to take advantage of those splashes! Watch the way your feet stomp into the water and make a splash or a ripple…and remind yourself that you have that same impact on the world around you, every day.

Get outdoors

Lie down in the grass with your dog. Get your fingers dirty in some garden soil. Climb a tree. Walk barefoot on the Earth to feel truly connected. Get dirty!

Make a literal mess

Of your kitchen, your desk, your garden – wherever! You can always tidy up later!

You have permission to monotask.

For career transitioners, entrepreneurs, and executive leaders alike, the pull to always be “doing” can be a daily struggle. It’s no wonder: You have promised your time, your product, or your effort to many people and tasks that seem like they all need to be completed at once. Your work improves when you focus your attention and efforts on one task at a time, Your mind is clear. You enjoy your time. Summertime is the perfect opportunity to practice this monotasking habit!

You have the permission to monotask

Stay up late to stargaze

Yep, find a spot on the grass or on your balcony and set your sights skyward, just like you did when you were a kid. There’s no better way to teach yourself to enjoy the moment. 

Sleep in

 Especially if you stayed up late stargazing! Listening to your body and giving it ample time for rest and rejuvenation is a mindful practice in itself and really helps you tap into those creative juices, personally and professionally.

Enjoy your meal

You have permission to leave that email that comes in during dinner unread until you sit down to work the next day! And better yet…

Have a picnic in a nearby forest

Move your meal outdoors, away from the distractions and habits of your everyday space.

Your Invitation to Lighthearted Joy and Play

Whether you find yourself saying no to that slice of pie your niece brought home from a friend party or promising your family that you’ll take a holiday (eventually), pause and remind yourself…

You can bring your best self forward only when you are well-rested and cared for.

You deserve to feel the lightheartedness and sweet freedom you experienced as a child, especially during this season of the year.

With Ons one of my tunisian nieces

You have all the permission in the world to play and truly enjoy your life.

Each moment is unique! It only happens once. There’s no going back.

When we permit ourselves to be free from our inner voice of doubt, judgment, or fear, we gift ourselves the ability to achieve our goals and make massive, unbridled success a reality in every area of our lives – including our careers. Happy Summer, friends!

Our next cohort for our flagship program, From Doubt to Confidence for Career Transitioners, begins on August 23rd! If you are ready to step into the next phase of your career with confidence and clarity, your space is waiting for you. Reach out to connect to see which coaching style is right for you!

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