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Insight 5 July 2021

Boost your mood and turn your days into bright ones

We love days when everything is easy, smooth, energizing, and promising. But the truth is, some days are tougher than […]

Insight 20 December 2020

Make a list!

Yes, you did great in 2020 Who would have said that 2020 would mean so many changes for all of […]

Insight 1 June 2020

Did you say a book?

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”― Maya Angelou Book If you had told me […]

Insight 1 June 2020

PointNorth International now on YouTube

Youtube It is quite common to hear that staying in your comfort zone doesn’t allow you to learn and grow. […]

Insight 4 May 2020

Looking at opportunities

The Covid-19 sudden burst and confinement across the world has come up as a catalyst for a change that was […]

Insight 2 April 2018

Pharmacy Industry Article – Digital, a question of mindset.

In the pharmacy sector, too many companies invest in digital transformation tools without leaning on the human aspect. Download article […]

Insight 1 March 2018

4 Key trends on the Human Capital Management agenda this year.

What 2018 will look like for HR enthusiastic professionals? More than ever HR professionals have the opportunity to play a […]